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Hi, my name is Maria and Serena is my daughter- in- law she is married to my eldest son and they have given me 4 beautiful grandchildren. Serena has a background and
training in catering and has worked in numerous environments fitting work round her
growing family.
I do not have a catering background but have always enjoyed cooking and baking for my
large family. For the last 15 years I have been working full time and the job became
increasingly stressful to a point that it had massively impacted on my own mental health so I
made the decision to resign.
I knew Serena had always hoped to have her own catering business and actively baked for
friends and family so I suggested we work together to set up as a commercial business, Tiny
bake House was born! It allows us both to work in a flexible way, me to do my yoga every
day and walk the dog, Serena to fit work around the children’s needs. Making a business that we can pour ourselves into and enjoy!
Samantha is my daughter she is our photographer and manages our social media for us we
would be lost without her help. 
It’s all about family, and food!

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